• Economical
  • Durable
  • Elastomeric
  • Multi layer
  • Easy to use

DESCRIPTION : Polyshield DPC is a polymer modified bitumen Damp Proof Membrane laminated on to a multi layer high density high tensile polyethylene film.

Fields of application : Polyshield DPC is used as a damp proof membrane to provide a barrier to the passage of moisture or water from the exterior to the interior or from the ground to the structure. Polyshield DPC should be installed as per normal building practice as detailed in BS 5628 Part 3 and in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation. It is highly robust to prevent damage during use in all operating conditions and will accommodate substantial movement in excess of the crushing strength of the wall loading. The material has been specifically designed to prevent the membrane extruding under the imposed loading conditions and will prevent ingress of water vapor during the service life of the structure. The special chemical modification of bitumen gives flexibility at low temperatures, high puncture and tear resistance and can be used horizontal or vertical damp proof course applications.

Application Instructions : Polyshield DPC is introduced at the construction stage i.e. during the erection of the brickwork, block work or masonry walls using traditional building construction methods.The damp proof membrane must extend through the full wall thickness and it should be laid on an even bed of mortar. Overlapping the material to the same width of the damp proof course or 100mm minimum including sealing forms laps. The method of laying, jointing and forming cavity trays should be in accordance with relevant building regulations and codes of practice. Polyshield DPC is fully compatible with Bitustick* to provide a moisture proof system.

Storage & Shelf : life Polyshield DPC membranes must be stored in a shaded area on wooden pallets neatly covered by a thick fabric and tied securely in a manner that will minimize exposure to sunlight and UV. The membranes shall be protected from all sources of heat and extreme temperatures. The shelf life is 12 months if stored as per recommendations. Excessive exposure to sunlight, UV and other sources of heat will result in considerable deterioration of the product and reduce shelf life.