• Cold applied, self adhesive and easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Excellent resistance to chlorides, sulphates, dilute alkalis and acids
  • Good tear and puncture resistance
  • Water and vapor proof

DESCRIPTION : Bitustick is a self adhesive polymer modified bituminous, waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated onto a tough HDPE film on one side and a silicone release film on the other. Bitustick conforms to the requirements of BS 8102.

FIELDS OF APPLICATION : Bitustick is used as waterproofing or dampproofing membrane intended for concrete protection. It may be used for horizontal and vertical application for tanking below ground structures, subways and retaining walls.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS : The application temperature should be between 5°C to 55°C. Application procedures may vary slightly depending upon site conditions. The general recommended guidelines for the application of the self adhesive waterproofing system is as follows:

Surface preparation : The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease. All surface imperfections, protrusions, structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired with a suitable Polycrete* concrete repair mortar.

Priming : Apply Polyprime SB* (Solvent based primer) @ 4-6 m²/L to a clean smooth and dry surface by brush, roller or spray. Allow the primer to dry prior to the application of the membrane. As the viscosity of the primer is low, it easily penetrates into the concrete pores which promotes the adhesion between the membrane and the concrete surface. In addition, the primer also acts as a binder for the dust which gets accumulated on the surface even after cleaning.

Alignment : Start the installation of all membrane plies from the low point or drains, so that the flow of water is over or parallel to the plies, but never against the laps. All overlaps at the membrane seams shall be installed so as to have “up” slope laps over “down” slope laps. Begin membrane application by unrolling the roll of Bitustick membrane and aligning the side laps.

Application : Peel off the release film from the self adhesive side and start unrolling the membrane and press it to the surface. Smoothen the membrane from the center to the edges with a wooden press in order to remove any entrapped air. Furthermore, an iron roller shall be used for rolling on top of the applied membrane to ensure a proper and strong adhesion of the bitumen compound with the base surface. Side overlaps shall be a minimum of 50mm on the selvedge and end overlaps 100mm.

Protection : The membrane shall be protected from damage due to ongoing site activities or from aggregates during backfilling by a tough, weather, warp and rot proof asphaltic  protection board (Bituboard / Bitustick R300/ Bitustick R400)*. Alternatively, on horizontal areas the membrane can also be protected by laying a cement sand screed (50mm). BITUBOARD can be fixed with a double sided adhesive bitumen tape (Watertite TS 15)*.

HANDLING : Bitustick membranes are packed in loose corrugated boxes to avoid any damage during transit or during storage at sites. Care should be taken when storing the membranes on sites and should not be kept within close proximity of any sharp or protruding edges to avoid puncturing or damaging the membrane.